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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Make it bright and hear some music ;)

I have just uploaded Phone Schedule 1.2.1 to Google Play and will shortly upload it to alternative android markets. The update should shortly become available to devices out there. What is new in this version:
  • new BLUETOOTH permission, which is required to switch Bluetooth on several Samsung phone models, including Samsung Galaxy S 2. This caused a lot of crashes in recent days, sorry about that.
  • several crash situations fixed and overall improved crash handling
  • NEW! Screen Brightness! (Auto, Full, Custom)
  • NEW! Launch an app! - A tool with a great potential, i have very high hopes for it. Say you want to wake up no to the annoying sound of your built-in alarm, but to your favorite internet radio station. So what you do is select a desired internet radio app from the list(you need to first have it installed on your phone) and that's it! App will automatically launch at a given time.
Please note:
You must realize, however, that launching an app does not guarantee that that app will do what you expect it to do. Once launched, it may not do anything at all. If you want your music app to start playing music, make sure it automatically starts playing music when started. Some apps have this option in their settings, some don't have it at all.
One thing i can say is, i've tried this with Pandora and it works great! Now I wake up to music =)

UPDATE: I've just updated Phone Schedule to 1.2.2, because sorting of the app list would sometimes cause the device to freeze. Moved all the resource-consuming computation in the background thread.


  1. Nice app! any news on when we can control the GPS function?

  2. Hi Neil, thank you for your interest in Phone Schedule!
    Unfortunately there is no documented way to programmatically switch GPS in Android. I've been trying to find some kind of workaround here, but i haven't found a way yet. If i find a way i'll definetely release an update ASAP :)

    1. Ok cool , also you have the "laugh an app" option,is there anyway to do this with a shortcut instead?

  3. Hi Anton, I use your application a lot to turn on and off flight mode over night. Unfortunately it seems with the latest Jelly bean 4.2 flight mode doesn't switch any more, I get the notification it has run to switch it, but flight mode isn't toggled. I think this is due to a change in Jelly Bean as other play applications no longer switch flight mode either. Any chance this could be investigated and fixed in your application?